Order of the Lycan

by GrimWolf

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ROJAS I really liked the first album but this is heavier !!!!
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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved



Pure American Werewolf Metal. If that does not say it all then nothing will. Werewolf clan “GrimWolf” has stormed onto the music scene with their animalistic style of metal. Giving tribute to their metal influences of the past and forging forward with their niche of the metal world. Music that inspires the primal side of the human mind to dominate and to feast upon all who tread in their path. ... more

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Track Name: Skinwalker
This is the time for giving and taking
This is the time for bones to be breaking
This is the fate for all mankind
Forger of death got an axe to grind
Fuck the norm, release the beast
Fuck them all. A Priest for a feast.
You raped the land
You raped the women
You fuckers raped our culture and the land we live in.

Yee Naaldlooshii (x4)

Skinwalker, Skinwalker.
Death Distribution.
This is the time for retribution

He who walks on all fours reaping.
Tresspasser, a life for the taking
Tear out a stomach
Rip out a brain
Gnaw on a limb another one slain
Death dealer, death toll amass.
Killing intruders down to the last.
Moon rising, hell to behold.
None alive No tales to be told.

It’s time to cleanse the land
Shape-shift and take a stand
Time to kill or be killed
Prophecy of earth fullfilled
Track Name: Berserker
Bite the shield
Brandish blade
Blood increase
Surging strength
Monster beast

Warrior steel
Furry rage
Red with blood
Weapon drawn
Wolven spirit
Consuming flood.

Strong...rage...un...caged...I’m...numb. Foe...slain...kill..again...life...undone.

Wolves of winter, the Spirit of the hunt.
Power of the gods within me.
I hear no pleas, I feel no pain, I only see the blood.

All Father
Guide my steel
Death embrace
Shead the armor
Clothed in hide
Strike in haste

Battle born
Howling cry
Here I come
Strike you down
Now you die!

Lo, the werewolves call to me. I take my place among them.
The wise prince will trust in these who tear the flesh of their enemies.
Track Name: Van Helsing
Rise up and become one
Shapeshift, feel the power within
On your trail we smell your rotting corpse
You will perish by our hand.
The undead are out there
Crush all who oppose.

Van Helsing. Pick up your crucifix.
Van Helsing. Holy order of the lycan

Subvert, what you think is reality
Mindfucked, this shit is all too real.
The dead roam the earth like a plague.
Hell’s kitchen, hunger unswayed.
Season of your demise
Twice dead, unmarked grave
Track Name: Ripped in Two
Time to run now
Death I avow
Mutilations begin
Tracking and killing
Never the willing
Soon I’ll rip through your skin

Fear, your only companion
As I watch you cower
Kicking and screaming
There’s no redeeming
Now behold my power

Ripped in two (x2)

It’s my pleasure,
you’re the treasure
Of this engorging meal
Caught in my grasp
Heart beating fast
I love the sound of your squeal

Fear, your only companion
As I await the delight
Of skinning and eating
Feasting and treating
Now you will witness my might

Your life is snuffed away
When your blood begins to spray
Killing victims found
Blood curdled screams all around
Macabre scene
The town in fear
I sit and watch the news with a beer.
Oh, the echoes of your screams
Life's ironies of extremes
Track Name: Respite
Light up and enjoy!
Track Name: Death Anthem
The strength of the pack is the wolf
and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

The sway from beyond
Guides carnivorous instincts
By the gleam of the moon
Be it bright or shrouded in gloom

This savage grace
Strength in our numbers
The merging of beast and man
All hail wolflord and clan

Tear the skin from their flesh
Blood drips best when it’s fresh
Bite deep and crush the bone
Once more a life dethroned

We are the judgment
Wrath of a king
Final judge and jury
Blackened death
Hounds of fury