by GrimWolf

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You've been forced to tame me But I will never submit The Demons thrive inside my mind You fucking piece of shit Lycanthrope Inside of my mind Lycanthrope... Your drugs course through my veins But it will never last The wolf is clawing at my brain My skin he will soon surpass I have this felling Deep down inside Theirs no place... Theirs no place that I can hide
I rise from the ashes of this malcontent destiny clashes without my consent My body it thrashes My soul is rent BECOMING THE BEAST! Its inside of me!!! Like a Phoenix I arise to this new life weakness it dies no more strife Moonlit skies Now I'll take your life
You're the feast set before me Made in the image of man My appetite is swelling Raw flesh the entree again Under duress FEAST OF FLESH I feel you crying, praying and dying Feast of Flesh! I will show you why you fear the night Lunar light glowing To show me my prey Only silver may hold me a bay
She beckons me Every single part of me she surrounds me in her light Stirring me In my primal supremacy I am the hunter and you're in my site Full Moon Draw Full Moon Draw You Will Die! You Will Die! I, cannot resist My instincts over take me She showers me with her glow Contorting and ripping Becoming the foe
The night is my cloak From dusk until dawn Battle the damned A nightmarish spawn To guard the world From demonic attack Wolven warrior No turning back GrimWolf Shapeshift attack! Thiess my Leige A thorn in hell's side The Hounds of God We lycans arise To guard the world From demonic attack Wolven warrior No turning back
SPOKEN:The coven it calls it whispers my name We're dogs to them all No matter the cost I'll fight for your love To hell and back, I'll fight them all Vampire and lycan A love that's forbidden In our hearts we've hidden No one could love you Like I do A love that is true What runs through these veins! Even when the moon turns to blood My love will still be true And If they catch me like a dog When I bleed I'll bleed You My Katrina! To taste your blood Immortal beloved This love that they covet I'll enter you strong A savage love fest Moon glistened breasts
Precious gift of the immortals Into me do I feel its pain I am beast of wolf and man Killing spree the taste of blood Victory I am the one This is the savagery SPOKEN: Wolfsbane, wolfsbane Wolfsbane Can you feel my pain I think I'm going insane Twisting skulls off human necks Dont' blink now you might be next Feel the chill run down your spine Thoughts of death consume your mind Death by wolf and you ask why? Wolfsbane comes to steal your life
You Enthrall Hunger call I'm gonna kill you tonight Feed the pain Your life wane You won't be much of a fight I'm on the hunt Blood thirsty lust Set on the kill I'm gonna rip you apart Lunar beams Horrific screams I'm gonna hunt you down False hope Tasty throat I can taste your blood now SPOKEN:Mother always taught us not to play with our food and damn, you look so tasty We know we're gonna enjoy this! We are real! And we are here And you shall meet your demise Feasting on you And those you hold dear We long to hear your cries Fetters and chains Won't keep us away The sands of time defy This is our time A time to kill A time for you to die, die, die, die.
Hello little one where you off to? Oh She'll be so pleased Only pick some flowers for her Grandma's heart you'll ease Little Red You're fucking DEAD! Little Red You're fucking DEAD!!! I'm gonna eat you alive Oh the tears you'll cry Small innocent child Tender meat (so mild) Open the latch I am too weak Come on in and have a seat My eyes? So I can see you My teeth? SO I CAN EAT YOU! There's Nothing like a tasty child upon your plate Ding, ding dinner is done you better not make me wait
Doesn’t matter how you slice it There’s something wrong with you You’ve been trying to dictate What we say and everything we do. It’s time to feed again Fill my cup with moonshine It’s time so let us begin Fill this cup, fill this cup with Moonshine Something’s wrong with the day When you can’t make your own way Shackles can’t hold us down Gonna chew you up and Spit you out


GrimWolf's debut full length album. Including rerecorded versions from their debut EP "Pure American Werewolf Metal" along with seven fresh new savage tracks of lycan goodness.


released August 27, 2011

Drums Tracked at New Threads - Lake Arrowhead, Ca
All other instruments Tracked at 13 O'Clock Studios - Crestline, Ca
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Brent D. Wisdom


all rights reserved




Pure American Werewolf Metal. If that does not say it all then nothing will. Werewolf clan “GrimWolf” has stormed onto the music scene with their animalistic style of metal. Giving tribute to their metal influences of the past and forging forward with their niche of the metal world. Music that inspires the primal side of the human mind to dominate and to feast upon all who tread in their path. ... more

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