Ripped in Two

from by GrimWolf

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Time to run now
Death I avow
Mutilations begin
Tracking and killing
Never the willing
Soon I’ll rip through your skin

Fear, your only companion
As I watch you cower
Kicking and screaming
There’s no redeeming
Now behold my power

Ripped in two (x2)

It’s my pleasure,
you’re the treasure
Of this engorging meal
Caught in my grasp
Heart beating fast
I love the sound of your squeal

Fear, your only companion
As I await the delight
Of skinning and eating
Feasting and treating
Now you will witness my might

Your life is snuffed away
When your blood begins to spray
Killing victims found
Blood curdled screams all around
Macabre scene
The town in fear
I sit and watch the news with a beer.
Oh, the echoes of your screams
Life's ironies of extremes


from Order of the Lycan, released October 31, 2014
Brent Wisdom, Joe Downard



all rights reserved



Pure American Werewolf Metal. If that does not say it all then nothing will. Werewolf clan “GrimWolf” has stormed onto the music scene with their animalistic style of metal. Giving tribute to their metal influences of the past and forging forward with their niche of the metal world. Music that inspires the primal side of the human mind to dominate and to feast upon all who tread in their path. ... more

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