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This is the time for giving and taking
This is the time for bones to be breaking
This is the fate for all mankind
Forger of death got an axe to grind
Fuck the norm, release the beast
Fuck them all. A Priest for a feast.
You raped the land
You raped the women
You fuckers raped our culture and the land we live in.

Yee Naaldlooshii (x4)

Skinwalker, Skinwalker.
Death Distribution.
This is the time for retribution

He who walks on all fours reaping.
Tresspasser, a life for the taking
Tear out a stomach
Rip out a brain
Gnaw on a limb another one slain
Death dealer, death toll amass.
Killing intruders down to the last.
Moon rising, hell to behold.
None alive No tales to be told.

It’s time to cleanse the land
Shape-shift and take a stand
Time to kill or be killed
Prophecy of earth fullfilled


from Order of the Lycan, released October 31, 2014
Brent Wisdom, Joe Downard



all rights reserved



Pure American Werewolf Metal. If that does not say it all then nothing will. Werewolf clan “GrimWolf” has stormed onto the music scene with their animalistic style of metal. Giving tribute to their metal influences of the past and forging forward with their niche of the metal world. Music that inspires the primal side of the human mind to dominate and to feast upon all who tread in their path. ... more

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